Firefox 64-bit

Now the 64-bit operating systems are becoming more popular, it is the general trend, the Firefox 64-bit versions are designed specifically for these 64-bit operating systems. Different speeds, different performance, more reliable, it can bring you the better Firefox experience.

For Windows 64-bit OS

For Windows x64 OS, here are a set of release for the major Firefox 64-bit releases:

Name File Type Details Download
Installer For Windows exe installer Official Build Download (mirror)

Supported operating systems: Windows 8/7 64-bit edition and Windows Server 2012/2008 64-bit edition.

Firefox Backup Tool

If you often update and adjust your Firefox web browser, this Firefox Backup Tool can help you, it can be easily backup all important configuration of your Firefox, including user preferences, bookmarks, extensions, browsing history, etc., you can back up all of these to one file, then restore it when you need, you can also add password protection for backup files. This is a freeware, you can download it here, it currently only supports Windows platforms (both x86 and x64 versions).

For Linux 64-bit OS

Supports a variety of popular modern Linux 64-bit operating system.

Name File Type Details Download
Package For Linux tar.bz2 Official Build Download (mirror)

Add-ons and Plugins

You should be noted that 64-bit Firefox only support 64-bit plugins, the 32-bit plugins cannot be used on 64-bit build. It can support any addons that are compatible with the 32-bit version as these addons are not compiled but interpreted javascript.